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are ready, we help you exit your company on your
terms and timeline.

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Case Studies
  • “The RareBrain team was instrumental in helping us with a $43 Million Private Equity transaction. Their insight, due diligence, advice and services were excellent. I highly recommend!"

    Ahmed Khan
    CEO, Barkaat Foods, LLC
  • “RareBrain Capital expertly helped us with our acquisitions and growth strategy. Their deep knowledge and contacts in the energy management industry helped us successfully navigate multiple transactions with challenging, industry-specific issues that required true expertise. We were impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and integrity."

    Nate Nilles, President
    Obvius Holdings, LLC
    A Division of Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc.
  • “We have worked with Gower Idrees and RareBrain since 1998. They have assisted us in numerous transactions involving millions of dollars in savings and efficiencies. Besides helping us with corporate strategic planning, tax optimization and succession planning, their work in helping us groom our business for sale was instrumental, resulting in a higher valuation and significantly lower taxes. They expertly represented us in negotiations with various private equity firms over the years. They played a key role when our company, Fluoro-Seal International, LP (now Inhance Technologies) was sold to a prominent private equity firm. We continue to use their services with our other US based and Canadian Interests."

    Bill Brown
    President, Fluoro-Seal International, LP
  • “I have worked with Gower Idrees and RareBrain since 1995. I continue to work with them today. Their business knowledge and financial acumen are second to none. Their transaction analytics and business advice has been tremendous. They were involved with me on a $70 Million transaction recently. Their work was very impressive.”

    Walter Wilson
    CEO, Qalsys Inc.
  • “The professionals at RareBrain were instrumental in helping us complete a several million dollar cross border transaction. Their financial analytics and negotiation helped us get the transaction closed. We will definitely use them again.”

    Emilio Zamora
    CEO, Tejas Mining International, LP
  • “There are so many nuances in growing a business efficiently and then divesting it effectively. We have seen RareBrain in action. Get ready for an exponential increase in business value and smart representation. We have done business together and I highly recommend Gower Idrees and the RareBrain team.”

    David Fantin
    CEO, Intero Companies
  • “It was a blessing to find Gower Idrees and RareBrain. Their advice on growing our business rapidly and actually getting the expansion capital we needed, was absolutely the right thing at the right time. What they did with our company was pure magic.”

    Kathy Ellis
    CEO, The Business Lab
  • “They know what they are doing. Over the years, the RareBrain team has proven invaluable in our various business transactions. We have saved a lot of money, time and hassle.”

    Kurt Burr
    CEO, Garden Expo
  • “We have worked with RareBrain Capital on a myriad of transactions, large and small since 2006. Their help in a series of middle market transactions in United States and Europe was invaluable. Our board was very impressed with the results.”

    ICM Ventures
  • “We worked with the folks at RareBrain on a cross-border business transaction involving a company based in the Middle East. Their transaction expertise and analytics were stellar.”

    Taghrid Sadik
    Al Rashed Group
  • “After a decade in the Major Leagues with the Houston Astros and the past 35 years in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, I know the difference in what it takes to get a deal done. There were no shortcuts in making it to the top of the baseball world and the same holds true in the business world. Planning and execution are everything. RareBrain has helped us on multiple transactions. They definitely know what they are doing!”

    Norm Miller
    CEO, Double Play
    Ex-Major League Baseball Player,
    Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves