The rarebrain Operating System® was created
to end a vicious cycle

Entrepreneurs turn to rarebrainOS when the stress and endless work of
running a business has overwhelmed every aspect of daily life.
Owners discover they’ve given years to building a company—and in
return are enslaved to a business that can’t run without them and is
often neither transferable or salable.

What is rarebrainOS?

The rarebrain Operating System (rbOS) is a proven step-by-step method that helps entrepreneurs and managers build a scalable self-sustaining small business.

With rbOS you’ll be able to earn the freedom you
need to do more of what you want while your team members enjoy
prosperity, accountability and an even better place to work.

The rarebrainOS methodology takes a holistic approach to organizing
systems, people and performance. Owners and leadership teams learn
how to build a cohesive framework, ensuring that all aspects
of the business work in harmony.


Transform your company in five phases

  1. Magnify


    Benchmark Your Company


    Breakdown Misconceptions


    Achieve Total Clarity


    Align Everyone

  2. Systemize

    Master System

    Create System of Systems


    Build workflows


    Design Smarter Processes


    Map out the controls

  3. Scale


    Link targets & Incentives


    Visualize What Matters


    Build routines


    Manage the Change

  4. Optimize


    Reduce owner reliance


    Increase Valuation


    Get Ready for Due Diligence


    Navigate sale transaction

Each phase is made up of a unique roadmap, training and tools to help reduce
the entrepreneur's day-to-day involvement in their company, while making
scalable growth easier. Learn as quickly, or as gradually, as you want.
You set the pace. We provide you with the tools, show you the way
and support your company’s evolution.

Learning Roadmap

Each phase is made up of a unique roadmap, training and tools that have been specially designed by our experts, so your transformation to a scalable self-sustaining small business is efficient and sustainable.

Tactical Owner

I am stuck in the entrepreneurial whirlpool

Tactical Manager

I am stuck in the managerial whirlpool
Formulate Path Forward
Watch how Emerge planned for 10X growth
A scalable business relies on an owner's personal and professional clarity. We show entrepreneurs how to clarify their needs and desires relative to the state of their company. Learn to dismantle conceptual thinking that keeps you trapped and formulate the vision, strategy and actions for the path forward. Once you have achieved clarity, it’s possible to explore a systematic process that accounts for the needs and expectations of every manager, employee and stakeholder.
Expand operational capacity
Watch how Kevin transformed his company
Organizational design is critical to building a scalable company with systems that keep pace with growth and reduce owner-reliance. You will create your company master system, clarify workflows, and build the systems and processes needed to expand the capacity of your company. This framework will directly impact productivity and performance in nearly every aspect of your organization.
Link for scalable growth
Watch how Jeremy got out of day-to-day operations
Create real visibility into your company around the flow of information and how the data is disseminated and visualized. You’ll build routines for day-to-day alignment and create accountability needed to transform your company. These are rhythms that will repeat, intersect and connect everyone in your company.
Manage the Framework
Watch how Darin works a lot less
You will prepare the company for lowered owner-reliance. Too often, the owner puts a successor in charge, only to step back into the business when performance plummets. By creating the framework needed to manage red flags, exceptions, iterations and corrective actions, not only the owner, but every team member, will enjoy continued high performance.

Freed-Up Owner

I work when I choose...
or not at all.

Empowered Manager Leader

I deliver consistent results
Ensure Continuity & Prosperity
Watch how David gained his freedom
Enhance your company valuation by reducing risks and improving operating performance. Learn to tactically clean up your company, optimize your intellectual property and normalize your working capital. You will own a high-performing asset that allows you to enjoy your life, but when the time comes your company will be ready for due diligence and the eventual sale or transfer.

Rare Brain Business

Our company is ready to meet the future

Learn as quickly, or as gradually, as you want. You set the pace. We provide you with the tools, show you the way and support your company’s evolution

rarebrainOS is designed for small business

What can rbOS do for my company?

Higher Capacity

Faster Turnarounds Reduced Backlogs Increased Sales

Happier Team

Clear Purpose
Common Language
Aligned Team

Satisfied Clients

On-time Deliveries Delivered Defect-free Products Higher Quality

Financial Security

Increased Revenue Higher Profits Higher Valuation

“Implementing rarebrain methodology allowed us to scale our systems and processes to cope with our significant multi-unit expansion, and to stay focused and aligned as a team. The rarebrain operating system has really allowed us to fine tune our business model, improve revenues, margins and create a path to sustainable growth.”

Ana Chaud, CEO

Garden Bar

Get the help you need and the future you want