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For 20 years we have represented profitable companies
with a sale price between $5-$250 Million. Let us help you sell
your company successfully, with no regrets
and nothing left on the table.

rarebrainOS helps you build a scalable self-sustaining small business.

The rarebrain Operating System® (rbOS) is a step-by-step method that teaches owners and teams how to build a scalable self-sustaining small business.

Clarify objectives and formulate path forward
Module 1: Assess Company
Assess & benchmark your company stage.
Module 2: Breakdown Misconceptions
Dismantle mental conditioning that keeps you trapped in your own company.
Module 3: Achieve Total Clarity
Clarify what you want personally and how your business will get you there.
Module 4: Align Everyone
Map all stakeholders needs and conflicts to align interests and get everyone on the same page.
Expand operational capacity of your company
Module 5: Create System of Systems
Design a holistic master system that directly impacts the productivity and performance of nearly every aspect of your organization.
Module 6: Build Workflows
Visualize and map your workflows so you peel away complexity and focus on the processes at the heart of your company.
Module 7: Design Smarter Processes
Design friendlier systems and processes using a human-centered approach focused on usability and adoption
Module 8: Map out the Controls
Learn to create intelligent controls and safeguards that reduce costly mistakes and unintended disruptions.
Connect company for scalable performance
Module 9: Link for performance
Create a map that connects an employee’s job to clear goals, actions, accountabilities and incentives.
Module 10: Visualize What Matters
Identify information that matters and make it actionable to get desired results.
Module 11: Build continual Rhythms
Create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly rhythms to ensure continual progress.
Module 12: Manage the rollout
Implement and manage the change in your organization. Make the change process in your company smooth and minimize disruptive elements.
Work less, transition out or sell your company
Module 13: Create lifestyle Framework
Learn how to create the framework needed to manage your company so you can work less, transition out, or sell
Module 14: Enhance Valuation
Learn how to enhance your company valuation by reducing risks and improving operating performance.
Module 15: Get Ready for Due Diligence
Learn how to prepare your company for due diligence
Module 16: Navigate the sale transaction
Learn to navigate the sale transaction for an optimal outcome

rarebrain is designed to deliver the highest sale price

Stakeholder Alignment

We help you analyze and implement the initiatives to improve sale
valuation and maximize exit value within your timeline.

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Value Enhancement

Without a sensible timeframe and a realistic plan to increase valuation you will
likely leave money on the table. We help you get top dollar for your
company by improving operating performance.

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Company Preparation

Most entrepreneurs are focused on “price” with little regard to reducing
risks that lower value. But the real money comes from enhancing the value
of your company and preparing your company for sale.


Hard Assets

  • Working Capital
  • Hard Assets
  • Facilities

People Transfer

  • Key Managers
  • Employees
  • Owners

Value Transfer

  • Intellectual Property
  • Customers
  • Suppliers

Momentum Transfer

  • Increasing Revenue
  • Improving Margins
  • Robust Pipeline

Opportunity Transfer

  • Target Market Trends
  • Target Market Position
  • Growth Potential
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Transaction Representation

Business buyers are shrewd. They will use dozens of factors to try and
lower your company purchase price. We help minimize devaluation
from smart buyers so you’ll receive the highest sale price for your life's work.

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Minimize Post-Exit Surprises

Don’t become a victim of seller’s remorse. Let us help you avoid
potential aftershocks--the buyer’s unexpected ploys used after
the closing--that reduce the sale price.

Lets us help you get the Maximum Value for Your Life’s Work

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Get Ready For Market

  • Clean Up Inefficiences
  • Optimize Sale Structure & Taxes

Increase Valuation

  • Access Thousands Of
  • Tap Top Domain Experts

Sell For Maximum

  • Leverage Our Expertise
  • Engage Multiple Buyers

“I have worked with RareBrain since 1995. I continue to work with them today. Their business knowledge and financial acumen are second to none. Their transaction analytics and business advice has been tremendous. They were involved with me on a $70 Million transaction recently. Their work was very impressive.”

Walter Wilson

CEO, Qalsys Inc.

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