Who is rarebrain?

And Why Should You Care?

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Created to end a vicious cycle

Entrepreneurs turn to rarebrain when the stress and endless work of
running a business has overwhelmed every aspect of daily life.
Owners discover they’ve given years to building a company—and in
return are enslaved to a company that can’t run without them and is
often neither transferable or salable.

The rarebrain Operating System (rbOS) was designed to
end this vicious cycle. rbOS helps you build a small business that is
systemized, salable and transferable at all times, to protect
employees, families and shareholders. Everyone in your company benefits.

rarebrain was designed for small business

The Rare Brain Obsession

rarebrainOS was created by Gower Idrees, an entrepreneur and serial founder who began starting, scaling and exiting his own companies in college. In the mid-90s, Gower became obsessed with designing a methodology that allows small businesses to be systemized, salable and transferable.

For 2 decades, Gower and his team have been in the trenches, helping small business owners systemize, scale and exit their companies.

Along the way his wife, Alyson, diagnosed his single-minded pursuit as a “rare brain obsession.” From that diagnosis, rarebrain was launched

Now small businesses can access the rarebrain Operating System more easily than ever. Learn the time-tested concepts, techniques and tools developed through years of work with owners, management teams, professionals and academia to create a more valuable, systemized business.

Take your company to the next Level

Freedom for Owners

We help entrepreneurs achieve the freedom & prosperity they always imagined.

Coaching & Training for Teams

rarebrain training is designed for leadership teams, not just the business owners. Our methodology gives team members the opportunity to build a better workplace.

Small-Business Tested

For 2 decades we’ve helped small businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. We teach you best practices and time-tested strategies, so your transformation to a systems-reliant business is efficient and sustainable.

“Implementing rarebrain methodology allowed us to scale our systems and processes to cope with our significant multi-unit expansion, and to stay focused and aligned as a team. The rarebrain operating system has really allowed us to fine tune our business model, improve revenues, margins and create a path to sustainable growth.”

Ana Chaud, CEO

Garden Bar

Build a small business that is systemized,
salable and transferable